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Anything solid and permanent on a property counts as hardscaping. This can include adding a new porch or patio and putting a stone path through your yard. At Kenneth R. Jay Landscape Maintenance and Construction, various brick, stone, and concrete projects are part of our services throughout southern Connecticut.

If you’re considering adding a walkway or patio, we create them from:

  • Brick
  • Bluestone, a type of sandstone
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Poured Concrete
  • and much more!

Similarly, building retaining walls is another hardscape service we offer for your home or commercial building. Generally, if your yard slopes and you want it leveled, adding a retaining wall keeps the angled ground at bay and evens out the area. After the wall is put up, either by natural or interlocking stones, the structure is strong enough to resist the pressure from the dirt behind.

Our options for adding this feature to your yard include:

  • Interlocking Segmental Walls
  • Landscape Ties
  • Concrete Flatwork
  • Dry-layed Natural Stone Walls
  • Mortared Stone Walls
  • and much more!

Bricks, bluestone, and other hardscape materials come in several options to match your home or building. We’re authorized installers by Techo-Bloc and Nicolock products, and you can choose from those options for adding a patio, path, or retaining wall.

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brick hardscape with custom inlay by jay landscape
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