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Smaller excavation projects are some of the services Kenneth R. Jay Landscape Maintenance & Construction can do for your home or commercial building.

Excavation is involved in many of the procedures and improvements we offer, including hardscaping and drain installation, but, aside from these, we’ll do various other small-scale excavations for your property, such as water garden or underground line installation. If part of your property needs to be dug up, our tools range from backhoes to smaller devices needed for bringing up and clearing dirt to make any additions to your lawn or yard. Our crew can also work with shovels and small-scale equipment to avoid damaging your lawn.

  • Ground Leveling and Grading
  • Residential and Commercial Excavation
  • Drainage Digging
  • Trenches, Holes and Raised Mounds for plantings
  • Sidewalk and Driveway Prepping

Contact us for more details about any excavation projects for your home or commercial building in Connecticut.

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